Hello! I’m Rob. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, have two amazing children – Rowan and Blair – and an adorable sheltie named ‘Nemo’. I also love to travel , have a passion for adventure and enjoy all sorts of leisure activities and (um…obviously!) like spending time on my bike!

A few other random tidbits about me:

– I am gainfully employed at Fisheries and Oceans Canada – my determined plan to be a marine biologist (and all of my university degrees totalling 8 years of post-secondary studies) has led me to be a bureaucrat in Ottawa.  I go to meetings and send lots of email….
– There was that one time when I almost drowned off Peggy’s Cove (no I didn’t fall into the water like some unwary tourist, I purposely went swimming as a hurricane was bearing down on Nova Scotia…ah to be an irresponsible student again)
– I like the self contained underwater breathing apparatus – and have gone on about 300 dives. Among the better ones was cave diving in the 200 ft+ visibility in Niue (pronounced “New-way”) and dodging venomous water snakes
– In 2012, I obtained my Private Pilot’s Licence, somehow convincing the folks at Transport Canada that I can take off and land planes without killing anyone
– In 2007 I sailed a small boat across the Pacific Ocean, and almost died of a rare form of meningitis in the process…awesome
– In 2008 I helped sail a small boat across the Atlantic Ocean
– I learned how to surf in Australia, and have since experienced some tasty waves in Hawaii, California and South Africa.
– I consider myself extremely fortunate to had done some traveling, and have been to about 70 countries so far. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really liked the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, Norway, Egypt, Chile, Japan, England and Fiji. I still really want to go to Iceland, Finland, Austria and Italy, among others.

– Some notable favorites include:

  • Favorite food: has got to be Pad Thai. I could eat that stuff for days… That, and pizza…who doesn’t love pizza?
  • Favorite movie: it’s a tie between Reservoir Dogs and the Shawshank Redemption – seriously, go out and see these movies..like right now!
  • Favorite TV show: closet confession, I really like Designated Survivor. Why can’t Kiefer Sutherland be the real president?
  • Favorite colour: Blue
  • Favorite book: A house in the sky (it is a seriously heart wrenching read)
  • Favorite pastime: kayaking on the Ottawa river
  • Favorite breed of dog: that’s easy, Shetland sheepdog!
  • Favorite season – Summer, Spring and Fall.
  • Favorite marsupial: wombats

– I am hugely indebted to my parents for taking care of Nemo, and also to Erin for taking care of the boys and letting me go on this crazy adventure.  Thank you!

I’m naturally going to get bored by the monotony of spending 8 hours on a bike everyday for two months, so do be a dear and send me a message from time to time!